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    As Filipino citizens, it is our sworn duty and solemn obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution and all the freedoms it guarantees:  freedom of speech, of the press, of worship, of assembly, and of choice.chanrobles virtual law library  
    As Filipino professionals, our unwavering commitment to the ideals of democracy should and must be upheld at all times.chanrobles virtual law library  
    It is upon these fundamental nationalist principles that theInstitute for Strategic Philippine Political Reform and Developmentwas established.  
    Composed of young idealists, the Institute was formed to propagate and harness constitutionalism and the rule of law.chanrobles virtual law library  
    It has no political affiliation, no ideological bias, no government interest nor hidden political agenda to advance.chanrobles virtual law library  
    In its desire to be of service to the Filipino people, it is sponsoring several pages of the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library for purposes of featuring political and related websites of significance on the World Wide Web.chanrobles virtual law library  
    It is our fervent wish that the materials found therein will contribute enormously in awakening our people to the burning issues confronting them as a people and as a nation.chanrobles virtual law library 




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Who is the best Filipino President of this century?

The nation had seen many presidents this 20th century. Before the turn of this century, we Filipinos must determine who among them is the best - in the hope that in the coming millennium, we will be able to select the best president for our race. For in the ultimate analysis, we are the ones who choose our government and however we look at it, we deserve the government we elect.

Are you in favor of changing the Philippine constitution now?

There is a proposal to amend the 1987 Constitution. Every Filipino should get involved as their very fundamental rights are affected by this political exercise. An honest answer to this question is desired.

Survey on the death penalty

    Do you approve of the 

    death penalty? 

    Do you agree to the lowering of the age for the imposition of the death penalty from 18 to 16?

Survey on press freedom

Is the Estrada administration suppressing press freedom?

Survey on the alleged Marcos hidden wealth

Do you believe in the existence of the hidden Marcos Billions?

Do you approve of the way President Joseph Estrada runs the government?

At this point, there is a need for the people to assess the over-all impact of the Estrada administration in our lives. Never in our history have we seen this kind of administration which has elicited a lot of controversies even during its initial year of governance. Is President Estrada the best president for us at this time? Or do we really have any alternative? Let's answer the survey question with all honesty and candor.

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