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  • Australasian Legal Information Institute
  • Australian Centres for Environmental Law 
  • Australian Centre for Security Research
  • Australian Copyright Council
  • Australian Environment
  • Australian Home Page
  • Australian House of Representatives
  • Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus 
  • Australian Law Schools
  • Australian National University Law School 
  • Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation - University of Melbourne
  • CIA Factbook Entry 
  • Commonwealth Consolidated Legislation
  • Constitution
  • Country Page - University of Hamburg
  • Country Page - U. S. House of Representatives
  • Dan's Australian Law Links 
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  • Doing Business in Australia
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Government Page 
  • Home Education Reseach and Legal Information Network 
  • Internet Regulation in Australia 
  • Leo Cussen Institute 
  • JBlaw
  • Law-On-Computer 
  • LawNet Australian Web Site for Lawyers 
  • Law Society of New South Wales 
  • Law Society of Western Australia 
  • New South Wales Bar Association 
  • New South Wales Graffiti Information 
  • Platonic Hood Patents On Line Australia - IP Services 
  • Scaleplus
  • Senate 
  • University of Melbourne Law Library 
  • University of Sydney Law School 
  • White Pages Phone Listings 
  • Yahoo! Country Links 
  • Yellow Pages Phone Listings 


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