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Section 1.    Creation. — There is hereby created a new municipality within the Third District of the Province of Davao. Barangays Dujali, New Casay, Tanglaw and a portion of A.O. Floirendo of the Municipality of Panabo and barangays Cabayangan and Magusiping of the Municipality of Carmen are hereby separated from their respective in municipalities and constituted into a distinct and independent municipality to be known as the Municipality of Braulio E. Dujali.

Sec. 2.    Seat of the Municipal Government. — The seat of government of the new municipality shall be at Barangay Dujali.

Sec. 3.    Territorial Jurisdiction. — The Municipality of Braulio E. Dujali is described as follows: A parcel of land situated in the Province of Davao, Island of Mindanao, Philippines: Bounded on the north by the Municipality of Sto. Tomas; on the south by the Municipality of Carmen; on the east by the Municipality of Tagum; and on the west by the Municipality of Panabo, all of the Province of Davao. Beginning at point 1, intersection of Tadeco and Carmen-Sto. Tomas Roads; thence northwesterly direction through Carmen-Sto. Tomas Road to Sto. Tomas, Davao, to point 2, intersection of Carmen-Sto. Tomas Road and highway to Sto. Tomas; thence northerly direction through highway to Sto. Tomas to point 3 intersection of highway to Sto. Tomas and Balagunan River (Tanglaw Bridge No. 3); thence north- easterly direction to point 4, center of Libuganon River (approximate Latitude 7º 29' 18.55" N., Longitude 125º 44' 10.9E" E.); thence southerly direction downstream through the course of Libuganon River to point 5, intersection of Tagum-Sto. Tomas Road and Libuganon River (San Miguel Bridge); thence southwesterly direction to point 6, with Latitude 7º 26' 26.73" N., Longitude 125º 42' 05.45" E.; thence due south to point 7, with Latitude 7º 25' 40.91" N., Longitude 125º 42' 03.32" E.; thence due west to point 8, intersection of Tuganay River with Latitude 7º 25' 39.21" N., Longitude 125º 40' 22.91" E; thence southerly direction downstream through the course of Tuganay River to point 9, junction of Tuganay and Panaga rivers with Latitude 7º 24' 11.27" N., Longitude 125º 40' 57.97" E.; thence westerly direction upstream through the course of Panaga River to point 10, center of Panaga River (approximate Latitude 7º 24' 48.55" N., Longitude 125º 37' 43.64" E.); to point of beginning, containing an area of ninety-one square kilometers (91 sq. km.), more or less.

Sec. 4.    Plebiscite. — The Municipality of Braulio E. Dujali shall acquire corporate existence upon ratification of its creation by the majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite to be conducted in the municipality or municipalities affected within sixty (60) days after the approval of this Act to be conducted and supervised by the Commission on Elections. The expenses for the plebiscite shall be divided between the municipalities of Carmen and Panabo, Province of Davao del Norte.

Sec. 5.    The Set of Officials. — Upon the approval of the creation of the new municipality by a majority of votes cast in the plebiscite called for the purpose, the mayor, vice mayor and the members of the sangguniang bayan shall be appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines in consultation with the representative of the district affected and the governor of the Province of Davao, and shall discharge their official functions until their successors shall have been elected and qualified.

Sec. 6.    Transfer of Assets and Liabilities. — Within a period of four (4) months after the effectivity of this Act, the Commission on Audit shall determine the proportionate share of the new municipality in the obligations, funds, assets, and other properties.

Sec. 7.    Financial Requirements. — During the first year of implementation of this Act, the newly created Municipality of Braulio S. Dujali shall receive from the municipalities of Panabo and Carmen a proportionate share from their respective internal revenue allotments allocated pursuant to Sec. 285 of the Local Government Code, in accordance with the terms and conditions as may be set in the resolutions to be submitted to the Department of Budget and Management by the respective sangguniang bayans of the municipalities of Panabo and Carmen in consultation with the representative of the district and the governor of the province. Thereafter, the Municipality of Braulio E. Dujali shall be entitled to an internal revenue allotment as authorized under the said Local Government Code.

Sec. 8.    Applicable Laws. — The Local Government Code and all other existing laws governing the administration and operation of the Municipality of Braulio E. Dujali, and all laws, decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations, or parts thereof inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Sec. 9.    Effectivity. — This Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval.

Approved: January 30, 1998

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