7 C.F.R. Agriculture

TitleVolumeChapterBrowse PartsRegulatory Entity
Title 7
Subtitle A--Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
1   0-26 Subtitle A--Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
Subtitle B--Regulations of the Department of Agriculture
2 I 27-52 Agricultural Marketing Service
(Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices)
3 53-209
4 II 210-299 Food and Nutrition Service
5 III 300-399 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
6 IV 400-499 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
V 500-599 Agricultural Research Service
VI 600-699 Natural Resources Conservation Service
7 VII 700-799 Farm Service Agency
VIII 800-899 Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards
Administration (Federal Grain Inspection Service)
8 IX 900-999 Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing
Agreements and Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts)
9 X 1000-1199 Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing
Agreements and Orders; Milk)
10 XI 1200-1299 Agricultural Marketing Service (Marketing
Agreements and Orders; Misc. Commodities)
XIV 1400-1499 Commodity Credit Corporation
XV 1500-1599 Foreign Agricultural Service
11 XVI 1600-1699 Rural Telephone Bank
XVII 1700-1799 Rural Utilities Service
XVIII 1800-1899 Rural Housing Service,
Rural Business-Cooperative Service,
Rural Utilities Service, and Farm Service Agency
12 1900-1939
13 1940-1949
14 1950-1980
15 2000-2099
XX 2200-2299 Local Television Loan Guarantee Board
XXVI 2600-2699 Office of Inspector General
XXVII 2700-2799 Office of Information Resources Management
XXVIII 2800-2899 Office of Operations
XXIX 2900-2999 Office of Energy Policy and New Uses
XXX 3000-3099 Office of the Chief Financial Officer
XXXI 3100-3199 Office of Environmental Quality
XXXII 3200-3299 Office of Procurement and Property Management
XXXIII 3300-3399 Office of Transportation
XXXIV 3400-3499 Cooperative State Research, Education, and
Extension Service
XXXV 3500-3599 Rural Housing Service
XXXVI 3600-3699 National Agricultural Statistics Service
XXXVII 3700-3799 Economic Research Service
XXXVIII 3800-3899 World Agricultural Outlook Board
XLI   [Reserved]
XLII 4200-4299 Rural Business-Cooperative Service and
Rural Utilities Service


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