32 C.F.R. National Defense

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Title 32
National Defense
1 Subtitle A--Department of Defense
I 1-190 Office of the Secretary of Defense
2 191-399
3 V 400-629 Department of the Army
4 630-699
5 VI 700-799 Department of the Navy
6 VII 800-1099 Department of the Air Force
Subtitle B--Other Regulations Relating to National Defense
XII 1200-1299 Defense Logistics Agency
XVI 1600-1699 Selective Service System
XVIII 1800-1899 National Counterintelligence Center
XIX 1900-1999 Central Intelligence Agency
XX 2000-2099 Information Security Oversight Office,
National Archives and Records Administration
XXI 2100-2199 National Security Council
XXIV 2400-2499 Office of Science and Technology Policy
XXVII 2700-2799 Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations
XXVIII 2800-2899 Office of the Vice President of the United States


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