50 C.F.R. § 13.25   Transfer of permits and scope of permit authorization.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart C—Permit Administration

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§ 13.25   Transfer of permits and scope of permit authorization.

(a) Except as otherwise provided for in this section, permits issued under this part are not transferable or assignable.

(b) Permits issued under §17.22(b) or §17.32(b) of this subchapter B may be transferred in whole or in part through a joint submission by the permittee and the proposed transferee or in the case of a deceased permittee, the deceased permittee's legal representative and the proposed transferee, provided the Service determines that:

(1) The proposed transferee meets all of the qualifications under this part for holding a permit;

(2) The proposed transferee has provided adequate written assurances that it will provide sufficient funding for the conservation plan or Agreement and will implement the relevant terms and conditions of the permit, including any outstanding minimization and mitigation requirements; and

(3) The proposed transferee has provided such other information as the Service determines is relevant to the processing of the submission.

(c) In the case of the transfer of lands subject to an agreement and permit issued under §17.22(c) or (d) or §17.32 (c) or (d) of this subchapter B, the Service will transfer the permit to the new owner if the new owner agrees in writing to become a party to the original agreement and permit.

(d) Except as otherwise stated on the face of the permit, any person who is under the direct control of the permittee, or who is employed by or under contract to the permittee for purposes authorized by the permit, may carry out the activity authorized by the permit.

(e) In the case of permits issued under §17.22(b)–(d) or §17.32(b)–(d) of this subchapter to a State or local governmental entity, a person is under the direct control of the permittee where:

(1) The person is under the jurisdiction of the permittee and the permit provides that such person(s) may carry out the authorized activity; or

(2) The person has been issued a permit by the governmental entity or has executed a written instrument with the governmental entity, pursuant to the terms of the implementing agreement.

[64 FR 32711, June 17, 1999, as amended at 64 FR 52676, Sept. 30, 1999; 69 FR 24092, May 3, 2004]

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