50 C.F.R. Subpart D—Conditions

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart D—Conditions

§ 13.41   Humane conditions.

Any live wildlife possessed under a permit must be maintained under humane and healthful conditions.

[54 FR 38150, Sept. 14, 1989]

§ 13.42   Permits are specific.

The authorizations on the face of a permit that set forth specific times, dates, places, methods of taking or carrying out the permitted activities, numbers and kinds of wildlife or plants, location of activity, and associated activities that must be carried out; describe certain circumscribed transactions; or otherwise allow a specifically limited matter, are to be strictly interpreted and will not be interpreted to permit similar or related matters outside the scope of strict construction.

[70 FR 18320, Apr. 11, 2005]

§ 13.43   Alteration of permits.

Permits shall not be altered, erased, or mutilated, and any permit which has been altered, erased, or mutilated shall immediately become invalid. Unless specifically permitted on the face thereof, no permit shall be copied, nor shall any copy of a permit issued pursuant to this subchapter B be displayed, offered for inspection, or otherwise used for any official purpose for which the permit was issued.

§ 13.44   Display of permit.

Any permit issued under this part shall be displayed for inspection upon request to the Director or his agent, or to any other person relying upon its existence.

§ 13.45   Filing of reports.

Permittees may be required to file reports of the activities conducted under the permit. Any such reports shall be filed not later than March 31 for the preceding calendar year ending December 31, or any portion thereof, during which a permit was in force, unless the regulations of this subchapter B or the provisions of the permit set forth other reporting requirements.

§ 13.46   Maintenance of records.

From the date of issuance of the permit, the permittee shall maintain complete and accurate records of any taking, possession, transportation, sale, purchase, barter, exportation, or importation of plants obtained from the wild (excluding seeds) or wildlife pursuant to such permit. Such records shall be kept current and shall include names and addresses of persons with whom any plant obtained from the wild (excluding seeds) or wildlife has been purchased, sold, bartered, or otherwise transferred, and the date of such transaction, and such other information as may be required or appropriate. Such records shall be legibly written or reproducible in English and shall be maintained for five years from the date of expiration of the permit.

[39 FR 1161, Jan. 4, 1974, as amended at 42 FR 32377, June 24, 1977; 54 FR 38150, Sept. 14, 1989]

§ 13.47   Inspection requirement.

Any person holding a permit under this subchapter B shall allow the Director's agent to enter his premises at any reasonable hour to inspect any wildlife or plant held or to inspect, audit, or copy any permits, books, or records required to be kept by regulations of this subchapter B.

[39 FR 1161, Jan. 4, 1974, as amended at 42 FR 32377, June 24, 1977]

§ 13.48   Compliance with conditions of permit.

Any person holding a permit under subchapter B and any person acting under authority of such permit must comply with all conditions of the permit and with all appllicable laws and regulations governing the permitted activity.

[54 FR 38150, Sept. 14, 1989]

§ 13.49   Surrender of permit.

Any person holding a permit under subchapter B shall surrender such permit to the issuing officer upon notification that the permit has been suspended or revoked by the Service, and all appeal procedures have been exhausted.

[54 FR 38150, Sept. 14, 1989]

§ 13.50   Acceptance of liability.

Except as otherwise limited in the case of permits described in §13.25(d), any person holding a permit under this subchapter B assumes all liability and responsibility for the conduct of any activity conducted under the authority of such permit.

[64 FR 32711, June 17, 1999]

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