50 C.F.R. § 18.74   Notice of hearing.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart G—Notice and Hearing on Section 103 Regulations

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§ 18.74   Notice of hearing.

(a) A notice of hearing on any proposed regulations shall be published in the Federal Register, together with the Director's proposed determination to waive the moratorium pursuant to section 101(a)(3)(A) (16 U.S.C. 1371(a)(3)(A)), where applicable.

(b) The notice shall state:

(1) The nature of the hearing;

(2) The place and date of the hearing. The date shall not be less than 60 days after publication of notice of the hearing;

(3) The legal authority under which the hearing is to be held;

(4) The proposed regulations and waiver, where applicable, and a summary of the statements required by section 103(d) of the Act (16 U.S.C. 1373(d));

(5) Issues of fact which may be involved in the hearing;

(6) If an Environmental Impact Statement is required, the date of publication of the Statement and the times and place(s) where the Statement and comments thereon may be viewed and copied;

(7) Any written advice received from the Marine Mammal Commission;

(8) The times and place(s) where records and submitted direct testimony will be kept for public inspection, along with appropriate references to any other documents;

(9) The final date for filing with the Director a notice of intent to participate in the hearing pursuant to §18.75;

(10) The final date for submission of direct testimony on the proposed regulations and waiver, if applicable, and the number of copies required;

(11) The docket number assigned to the case which shall be used in all subsequent proceedings; and

(12) The place and date of the prehearing conference.

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