50 C.F.R. § 21.21   Import and export permits.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart C—Specific Permit Provisions

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§ 21.21   Import and export permits.

(a) Permit requirement. (1) Except for migratory game birds imported in accordance with the provisions of subpart G of part 20 of this subchapter B, an import permit is required before any migratory birds, their parts, nests, or eggs may be imported.

(2) An export permit is required before any migratory birds, their parts, nests, or eggs may be exported: Provided, that captive-reared migratory game birds that are marked in compliance with the provisions of §21.13(b) may be exported to Canada or Mexico without a permit. Provided further, that raptors lawfully possessed under a falconry permit issued pursuant to §21.28 of this part may be exported to or imported from Canada or Mexico without a permit for the purposes of attending bona fide falconry meets, as long as the person importing or exporting the birds returns the same bird(s) to the country of export following any such meet. Nothing in this paragraph, however, exempts any person from the permit requirements of parts 17, 22, and 23 of this subchapter.

(b) Application procedures. Applications for permits to import or export migratory birds shall be submitted to the appropriate issuing office (see §§10.22 and 13.11(b) of this subchapter). Each such application must contain the general information and certification required by §13.12(a)(5) of this subchapter plus the following additional information:

(1) Whether importation or exportation is requested;

(2) The species and numbers of migratory birds or their parts, nests, or eggs to be imported or exported;

(3) The name and address of the person from whom such birds are being imported or to whom they are being exported;

(4) The purpose of the importation or exportation;

(5) The estimated date of arrival or departure of the shipment(s), and the port of entry or exit through which the shipment will be imported or exported; and

(6) Federal and State permit numbers and type of permits authorizing possession, acquisition, or disposition of such birds, their parts, nests, or eggs where such a permit is required.

(c) Additional permit conditions. In addition to the general conditions set forth in part 13 of this subchapter B, import and export permits shall be subject to any requirements set forth in the permit.

(d) Term of permit. An import or export permit issued or renewed under this part expires on the date designated on the face of the permit unless amended or revoked, but the term of the permit shall not exceed three (3) years from the date of issuance or renewal.

[54 FR 38151, Sept. 14, 1989]

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