50 C.F.R. Subpart A—General Rules

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart A—General Rules

§ 29.1   May we allow economic uses on national wildlife refuges?

We may only authorize public or private economic use of the natural resources of any national wildlife refuge, in accordance with 16 U.S.C. 715s, where we determine that the use contributes to the achievement of the national wildlife refuge purposes or the National Wildlife Refuge System mission. We may authorize economic use by appropriate permit only when we have determined the use on a national wildlife refuge to be compatible. Persons exercising economic privileges on national wildlife refuges will be subject to the applicable provisions of this subchapter and of other applicable laws and regulations governing national wildlife refuges. Permits for economic use will contain such terms and conditions that we determine to be necessary for the proper administration of the resources. Economic use in this section includes but is not limited to grazing livestock, harvesting hay and stock feed, removing timber, firewood or other natural products of the soil, removing shell, sand or gravel, cultivating areas, or engaging in operations that facilitate approved programs on national wildlife refuges.

[65 FR 62483, Oct. 18, 2000]

§ 29.2   Cooperative land management.

Cooperative agreements with persons for crop cultivation, haying, grazing, or the harvest of vegetative products, including plantlife, growing with or without cultivation on wildlife refuge areas may be executed on a share-in-kind basis when such agreements are in aid of or benefit to the wildlife management of the area.

§§ 29.3-29.4   [Reserved]

§ 29.5   Fees.

Fees and charges for the grant of privileges on wildlife refuge areas and for the sale of products taken therefrom, where not otherwise prescribed by law or regulation, shall be set at a rate commensurate with fees and charges for similar privileges and products made by private land owners in the vicinity or in accordance with their local value. Fees or rates of charge for products and privileges may be based either on a monetary exchange or on a share in kind of the resource or product.

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