50 C.F.R. § 29.21-7   What payment do we require for use and occupancy of national wildlife refuge lands?

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart B—Rights-of-Way General Regulations

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§ 29.21-7   What payment do we require for use and occupancy of national wildlife refuge lands?

(a) Payment for use and occupancy of lands under the regulations of this subpart will be required and will be for fair market value as determined by appraisal by the Regional Director. At the discretion of the Regional Director, the payment may be a lump sum payment or an annual fair market rental payment, to be made in advance. If any Federal, State or local agency is exempted from such payment by and any other provision of Federal law, such agency shall otherwise compensate the Service by any other means agreeable to the Regional Director, including, but not limited to, making other land available or the loan of equipment or personnel, except that any such compensation shall relate to, and be consistent with the objectives of the National Wildlife Refuge System. The Regional Director may waive such requirement for compensation if he finds such requirement impracticable or unnecessary.

(b) When annual rental payments are used, such rates shall be reviewed by the Regional Director at any time not less than 5 years after the grant of the permit, right-of-way, or easement or the last revision of charges thereunder, The Regional Director will furnish a notice in writing to the holder of an easement or permit of intent to impose new charges to reflect fair market value commencing with the ensuing charge year. The revised charges will be effective unless the holder files an appeal in accordance with §29.22.

[42 FR 43919, Aug. 31, 1977, as amended at 65 FR 62483, Oct. 18, 2000]

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