50 C.F.R. § 37.14   Bonding.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart B—General Requirements

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§ 37.14   Bonding.

(a) Before the issuance of its special use permit, any applicant whose exploration plan has been approved under §37.22 shall furnish to the Service a surety bond of not less than $100,000, or other security satisfactory to the Service, to secure performance of its exploration plan and plan(s) of operation and compliance with the permit and this part. Such surety bond shall be issued by qualified surety companies approved by the Department of the Treasury (see Department of the Treasury Circular No. 570). Such bond shall be maintained by the permittee for the benefit of the Service until the Regional Director notifies the permittee in writing that all terms and conditions of its exploration plan, special use permit, plan of operation, and this part have been met or otherwise consents to its cancellation or termination. Any bond furnished or maintained by a person under this section shall be on a form approved or prescribed by the Regional Director. The Regional Director may require an increase in the amount of any bond or other security to be furnished and any outstanding bond or security or require a new bond or security whenever additional coverage is needed to secure performance of its exploration plan and plan(s) of operation and compliance with the permit and this part or is needed as a consequence of default.

(b) Whenever a permittee's exploration plan, plan of operation, or special use permit is revised or modified, the permittee shall provide to the Regional Director within 30 days thereafter an acknowledgement by the surety that its bond continues to apply to the exploration plan, plan of operation or special use permit, as revised or modified, unless a waiver of notice to the surety is contained in the bond or the surety is not otherwise released by the revision or modification, or unless the permittee provides to the Service an increased or additional bond.

(c) Recovery of the amount specified in the permittee's bond or other security shall not preclude the Department from seeking specific performance by the permittee of any obligations not satisfied by enforcement of the bond or security, or compensation for any damages, losses or costs due to the permittee's activities which exceed the amount recovered, by pursuing the Department's legal remedies.

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