50 C.F.R. Subpart B—Public Entry

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart B—Public Entry

§ 26.21   General trespass provision.

(a) No person shall trespass, including but not limited to entering, occupying, using, or being upon, any national wildlife refuge, except as specifically authorized in this subchapter C or in other applicable Federal regulations.

(b) No unconfined domestic animals, including but not limited to dogs, hogs, cats, horses, sheep and cattle, shall be permitted to enter upon any national wildlife refuge or to roam at large upon such an area, except as specifically authorized under the provisions of §26.34, §27.91 or §29.2 of this subchapter C.

§ 26.22   General exception for entry.

(a) Any person entering or using any national wildlife refuge will comply with the regulations in this subchapter C, the provisions of any special regulations and any other official notification as is appropriate under §25.31.

(b) A permit shall be required for any person entering a national wildlife refuge, unless otherwise provided under the provisions of subchapter C. The permittee will abide by all the terms and conditions set forth in the permit.

§ 26.23   Exception for entry to the headquarters office.

The headquarters office of any national wildlife refuge is open to public access and admission during regularly established business hours.

§ 26.24   Exception for entry when accompanied by refuge personnel.

A permit is not required for access to any part of a national wildlife refuge by a person when accompanied by refuge personnel.

§ 26.25   Exception for entry to persons with an economic use privilege.

Access to and travel upon a national wildlife refuge by a person granted economic use privileges on that national wildlife refuge should be restricted to a specified area in accordance with the provisions of their agreement, lease, or permit.

§ 26.26   Exception for entry for use of emergency shelter.

A permit is not required for access to any national wildlife area for temporary shelter or temporary protection in the event of emergency conditions.

§ 26.27   Exception for entry on designated routes of travel.

A permit is not required to enter, travel on, and exit from any national wildlife refuge on public waters and roads, and such roads, trails, footpaths, walkways, or other routes and areas which are designated for public use under the provisions of this subchapter C.

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