50 C.F.R. § 80.10   Hunting and fishing license certification.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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§ 80.10   Hunting and fishing license certification.

(a) Information concerning the number of persons holding paid licenses to hunt and the number of persons holding paid licenses to fish for sport or recreation in the State in the preceding year shall be furnished upon request of the Director by the fish and wildlife agency of each State on forms furnished by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

(b) This information shall be certified as accurate by the director of the State fish and wildlife agency. When requested by the Director, evidence used in determining accuracy of the certification shall also be furnished.

(c) License holders shall be counted over a period of 12 months; the calendar year, fiscal year, or other licensing period may be used provided it is consistent from year to year in each State. In determining licenses which are eligible for inclusion, the following guidelines shall be observed.

(1) Trapping licenses, commercial licenses, and other licenses which are not for the express purpose of permitting the holder to hunt or fish for sport or recreation shall not be included.

(2) Licenses which do not return net revenue to the State shall not be included. To qualify as a paid license, the fee must produce revenue for the State. Net revenue is any amount returned to the State after deducting agent or sellers fees and the cost for printing, distribution, control or other costs directly associated with the issuance of each license.

(3) Licenses valid for more than one year, either a specific or indeterminate number of years, may be counted in each of the years for which they are valid; provided that:

(i) The net revenue from each license is commensurate with the period for which hunting or fishing privileges are granted, and

(ii) Sampling or other techniques are used to determine whether the licensee remains a license holder in the year of certification.

(4) Combination fishing and hunting licenses (a single license which permits the holder both to hunt and fish) shall be included in the determination of both the number of paid hunting license holders and the number of persons holding paid licenses to fish for sport or recreation.

(5) Some licensing systems require or permit an individual to hold more than one license to hunt or to fish in a State. Such an individual shall not be counted more than once as a hunting or fishing license holder. The State fish and wildlife director, in certifying license information to the Director, is responsible for eliminating duplication or multiple counting of single individuals in the figures which he certifies. Sampling and other statistical techniques may be utilized by the certifying officer for this purpose.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1018–0007)

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