50 C.F.R. § 80.27   Information collection requirements.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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§ 80.27   Information collection requirements.

(a) Information gathering requirements include filling out forms to apply for certain benefits offered by the Federal Government. Information gathered under this part is authorized under the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (16 U.S.C. 777–7771) and the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (16 U.S.C. 669–669i). The Service may not conduct or sponsor, and applicants or grantees are not required to respond to, a collection of information unless the request displays a currently valid OMB control number. Our requests for information will be used to apportion funds and to review and make decisions on grant applications and reimbursement payment requests submitted to the Federal Aid Program.

(b) OMB Circular A–102 requires the use of several Standard Forms: SF–424, SF–424A and SF–424B, SF–424C, SF–424D, SF–269A and SF–269B, SF–270, SF–271 and SF–272 (For availability, see 5 CFR 1310.3.). Combined, as many as 12,000 of these forms are used annually by grant applicants. The individual burden is approximately 1 hour to compile information and complete each form; the total burden is approximately 12,000 hours (approximately 3,500 grants are awarded/renewed each year, but not all forms are used for all grants). These forms are needed to document grant applications and requests for reimbursement.

(c) Part 1 Certification (Service Form 3–154A, OMB Control No. 1018–0007) and Part 2 Summary of Hunting and Sport Fishing Licenses Issued (Service Form 3–154B, OMB Control No. 1018–0007) require approximately one-half hour from each of 56 respondent States and territories for a total burden of 28 hours. The information is routinely collected by the States and territories and easily transferred to these forms and certified. This information is used in a statutory formula to apportion funds among the grant recipients.

(d) The Grant Agreement, (Service Form 3–1552, OMB Control No. 1018–0049) and Amendment to Grant Agreement, (Service Form 3–1591, OMB Control No. 1018–0049) require approximately 1 hour to gather relevant information, review, type, and sign. This information is compiled in the normal agency planning processes and transferred to these forms. Recipients nationwide complete approximately 3,500 Grant Agreement forms and 1,750 Amendment to Grant Agreement forms during any fiscal year for a total burden of 5,250 hours. This information is used to document financial awards made to grant recipients and amendments to these awards.

(e) The Federal Aid Grant Application Booklet (OMB Control No. 1018–0109) contains narrative instruction for applying for grants. It requires approximately 80 hours to collect information and prepare a grant application package. Applicants prepare and submit about 5,250 of these grant application packages annually for a total burden of 283,500 hours. This information is used to determine if the work, cost, and future benefits of a grant application meet the needs of the Federal Aid in Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration programs.

(f) The public is invited to submit comments on the accuracy of the estimated average burden hours needed for completing Part I—Certification, Part II—Summary of Hunting and Sport Fishing Licenses Issued, Grant Agreement, Amendment to Grant Agreement, or The Federal Aid Grant Application Booklet and to suggest ways in which the burden may be reduced. Comments may be submitted to: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Information Collection Clearance Officer, 4401 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 222, Arlington, VA 22203.

[66 FR 18212, Apr. 6, 2001]

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