50 C.F.R. § 600.1012   Reduction loan.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart L—Fishing Capacity Reduction Framework

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§ 600.1012   Reduction loan.

(a) Obligation. The borrower shall be obligated to repay a reduction loan. The borrower's obligation to repay a reduction loan shall be discharged by fish sellers paying a fee in accordance with §600.1013. Fish buyers shall be obligated to collect the fee in accordance with §600.1013 and to deposit and disburse the fee revenue in accordance with §600.1014.

(b) Principal amount, interest rate, repayment term, and penalties for non-payment or non-collection. The reduction loan shall be:

(1) In a principal amount that shall be determined by subsequent program events under this subpart, but which shall not exceed the maximum principal amount in the fishing capacity reduction specifications;

(2) At an annual rate, that shall be determined by subsequent events, of simple interest on the reduction loan's principal balance that shall equal 2 percent plus the Treasury percentage;

(3) Repayable over the repayment term specified in the business plan or otherwise determined by subsequent events; and

(4) Subject to such provisions as implementation regulations shall specify for the payment of costs and penalties for non-payment, non-collection, non-deposit, and/or non-disbursement in accordance with §600.1013 and §600.1014.

(c) Effect of prospective interest rate. Any difference between a prospective interest rate projected, for the purpose of any aspect of reduction planning or processing under this subpart, before the U.S. Treasury determines the Treasury percentage and an interest rate first known after the U.S. Treasury determines the Treasury percentage shall not void, invalidate, or otherwise impair any reduction contract, any reduction loan repayment obligation, or any other aspect of the reduction process under this subpart. Should any such difference result in a reduction loan that cannot, at the maximum fee rate allowed by law, be repaid, as previously projected, within the maximum maturity, any amount of the reduction loan remaining unpaid at maturity shall be repaid after maturity by continuing fee payment and collection under this subpart at such maximum fee rate until the reduction loan's unpaid principal balance and accrued interest is fully repaid. The above notwithstanding, at the discretion of the Secretary, the reduction contract can be voided if a material adverse change affects the reduction contract, reduction loan obligation, or any other aspect of the reduction process under this subpart.

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