50 C.F.R. § 665.15   Prohibitions.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart B—Western Pacific Fisheries—General

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§ 665.15   Prohibitions.

In addition to the prohibitions in §600.725 of this chapter, it is unlawful for any person to:

(a) Engage in fishing without a valid permit or facsimile of a valid permit on board the vessel and available for inspection by an authorized officer, when a permit is required under §665.13 or §665.17, unless the vessel was at sea when the permit was issued under §665.13, in which case the permit must be on board the vessel before its next trip.

(b) File false information on any application for a fishing permit under §665.13 or an EFP under §665.17.

(c) Fail to file reports in the exact manner required by any state law or regulation, as required in §665.14.

(d) Falsify or fail to make, keep, maintain, or submit any logbook or logbook form or other record or report required under §§665.14 and 665.17.

(e) Refuse to make available to an authorized officer or a designee of the Regional Administrator for inspection or copying, any records that must be made available in accordance with §665.14.

(f) Fail to affix or maintain vessel or gear markings, as required by §§665.16, 665.24, 665.47, and 665.605.

(g) Violate a term or condition of an EFP issued under §665.17.

(h) Fail to report any take of or interaction with protected species as required by §665.17(k).

(i) Fish without an observer on board the vessel after the owner or agent of the owner has been directed by NMFS to make accommodations available for an observer under §§665.17, 665.28, 665.49, or 665.65.

(j) Refuse to make accommodations available for an observer when so directed by the Regional Administrator under §665.28, §665.49, or §665.65, or under any provision in an EFP issued under §665.17.

(k) Fail to notify officials as required in §§665.23, 665.28, 665.43, 665.63, and 665.603.

(l) Fish for, take or retain within a no-take MPA, defined in §665.18, any bottomfish management unit species, crustacean management unit species, Pacific pelagic management unit species, precious coral, seamount groundfish or coral reef ecosystem MUS.

[61 FR 34572, July 2, 1996, as amended at 69 FR 8343, Feb. 24, 2004]

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