50 C.F.R. § 665.25   Vessel monitoring system.

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries
Subpart C—Western Pacific Pelagic Fisheries

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§ 665.25   Vessel monitoring system.

(a) VMS unit. Only a VMS unit owned by NMFS and installed by NMFS complies with the requirement of this subpart.

(b) Notification. After a Hawaii longline limited access permit holder or size Class C or D American Samoa longline limited access permit holder has been notified by the SAC of a specific date for installation of a VMS unit on the permit holder's vessel, the vessel must carry the VMS unit after the date scheduled for installation.

(c) Fees and charges. During the experimental VMS program, a Hawaii longline limited access permit holder or size Class C or D American Samoa longline permit holder with a size Class D or D permit shall not be assessed any fee or other charges to obtain and use a VMS unit, including the communication charges related directed to requirements under this section. Communication charges related to any additional equipment attached to the VMS unit by the owner or operator shall be the responsibility of the owner or operator and not NMFS.

(d) Permit holder duties. The holder of a Hawaii longline limited access permit or a size Class C or D American Samoa longline permit and master of the vessel must:

(1) Provide opportunity for the SAC to install and make operational a VMS unit after notification.

(2) Carry the VMS unit on board whenever the vessel is at sea.

(3) Not remove or relocate the VMS unit without prior approval from the SAC.

(e) Authorization by the SAC. The SAC has authority over the installation and operation of the VMS unit. The SAC may authorize the connection or order the disconnection of additional equipment, including a computer, to any VMS unit when deemed appropriate by the SAC.

[61 FR 34572, July 2, 1996, as amended at 70 FR 29654, May 24, 2005]

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