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§ 10. —  Salaries of Deputy Comptrollers, examiners, and other employees as part of bank examination expenses.

[Laws in effect as of January 24, 2002]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between
  January 24, 2002 and December 19, 2002]
[CITE: 12USC10]

                       TITLE 12--BANKS AND BANKING
Sec. 10. Salaries of Deputy Comptrollers, examiners, and other 
        employees as part of bank examination expenses
    The salaries of the Deputy Comptrollers and of all national bank 
examiners and assistant examiners assigned to duty in the office of the 
bureau in Washington in connection with the supervision of national 
banks shall be considered part of the expenses of the examinations 
provided for by subchapter XV of chapter 3 of this title.

(Mar. 4, 1923, ch. 252, title II, Sec. 209(b), 42 Stat. 1467; Pub. L. 
86-251, Sec. 1(c)(2), Sept. 9, 1959, 73 Stat. 488.)

                       References in Text

    Subchapter XV [Sec. 481 et seq.] of chapter 3 of this title, 
referred to in text, was in the original a reference to section 5240 of 
the Revised Statutes.


    Section is comprised of subsec. (b), fifth sentence, of section 209 
of act Mar. 4, 1923. For classification to this title of other 
provisions of section 209, see Tables.


    1959--Pub. L. 86-251 included all Deputy Comptrollers instead of 
only two deputy comptrollers and struck out provisions deeming the 
salaries of deputy comptroller, examiners, assistant examiners, clerks 
and other employees as expenses of administration of national 
agricultural credit corporation provisions and considering the salary of 
the additional deputy comptroller as partly an expense of administration 
in proportion to time spent in such administration.

                  Section Referred to in Other Sections

    This section is referred to in section 9 of this title.

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