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§ 59d. —  Transportation of official records and papers to House Members' district.

[Laws in effect as of January 24, 2002]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between
  January 24, 2002 and December 19, 2002]
[CITE: 2USC59d]

                          TITLE 2--THE CONGRESS
Sec. 59d. Transportation of official records and papers to House 
        Member's district

(a) Payment of reasonable expenses from applicable accounts of House; 
        rules and regulations

    Effective August 16, 1978, notwithstanding any provision of law and 
until otherwise provided by law, the applicable accounts of the House 
shall be available to pay the reasonable expenses of sending or 
transporting the official records and papers of any Member of the House 
of Representatives from the District of Columbia to any location 
designated by such Member in the district represented by the Member.
    The Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives is 
authorized and directed to provide for the most economical means of 
sending or transporting such documents to insure the orderly and timely 
delivery to the specified location. The Committee on House Oversight 
shall have the authority to issue rules and regulations to carry out the 
provisions of this section.

(b) ``Member of the House of Representatives'' and ``official records 
        and papers'' defined

    As used in this section--
        (1) the term ``Member of the House of Representatives'' means a 
    Representative in, or a Delegate or Resident Commissioner to, the 
    Congress; and
        (2) the term ``official records and papers'' means books, 
    records, papers, and official files which could be sent as franked 

(Pub. L. 98-51, title I, Sec. 111(1), July 14, 1983, 97 Stat. 269; Pub. 
L. 104-186, title II, Sec. 203(21), Aug. 20, 1996, 110 Stat. 1728.)


    In subsec. (a), ``August 16, 1978'' substituted for ``upon the date 
of adoption of this resolution'' meaning the date of adoption of House 
Resolution No. 1297, which was agreed to Aug. 16, 1978.
    Section is based on House Resolution No. 1297, Ninety-fifth 
Congress, Aug. 16, 1978, which was enacted into permanent law by Pub. L. 
    Sections 1 and 2 of House Resolution No. 1297 were redesignated 
subsecs. (a) and (b) of this section, respectively, for purposes of 


    1996--Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 104-186, Sec. 203(21)(A)-(C), substituted 
``applicable accounts'' for ``contingent fund'' in first par. and 
``Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives'' for 
``Clerk of the House of Representatives'' and ``House Oversight'' for 
``House Administration'' in second par.
    Subsec. (b)(1). Pub. L. 104-186, Sec. 203(21)(D), amended par. (1) 
generally. Prior to amendment, par. (1) read as follows: ``the term 
`Member' means a Representative, a Resident Commissioner in the House, 
and a Delegate to the House; and''.

                         Change of Name

    Committee on House Oversight of House of Representatives changed to 
Committee on House Administration of House of Representatives by House 
Resolution No. 5, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Jan. 6, 1999.

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