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§ 814. —  Board duties.

[Laws in effect as of January 24, 2002]
[Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between
  January 24, 2002 and December 19, 2002]
[CITE: 2USC814]

                          TITLE 2--THE CONGRESS
Sec. 814. Board duties

(a) Awards program established

    The Board shall establish and administer an awards program to be 
known as the ``Congressional Recognition for Excellence in Arts 
Education Awards Program''. The purpose of the program shall be to--
        (1) celebrate the positive impact and public benefits of the 
        (2) encourage all elementary schools and secondary schools to 
    integrate the arts into the school curriculum;
        (3) spotlight the most compelling evidence of the relationship 
    between the arts and student learning;
        (4) demonstrate how community involvement in the creation and 
    implementation of arts policies enriches the schools;
        (5) recognize school administrators and faculty who provide 
    quality arts education to students;
        (6) acknowledge schools that provide professional development 
    opportunities for their teachers;
        (7) create opportunities for students to experience the 
    relationship between early participation in the arts and developing 
    the life skills necessary for future personal and professional 
        (8) increase, encourage, and ensure comprehensive, sequential 
    arts learning for all students; and
        (9) expand student access to arts education in schools in every 

(b) Duties

                          (1) School awards

        The Board shall--
            (A) make annual awards to elementary schools and secondary 
        schools in the States in accordance with criteria established 
        under subparagraph (B), which awards--
                (i) shall be of such design and materials as the Board 
            may determine, including a well-designed certificate or a 
            work of art, designed for the awards event by an appropriate 
            artist; and
                (ii) shall be reflective of the dignity of Congress;

            (B) establish criteria required for a school to receive the 
        award, and establish such procedures as may be necessary to 
        verify that the school meets the criteria, which criteria shall 
        include criteria requiring--
                (i) that the school--
                    (I) provides comprehensive, sequential arts 
                learning; and
                    (II) integrates the arts throughout the curriculum 
                in subjects other than the arts; and

                (ii) 3 of the following:
                    (I) that the community serving the school is 
                actively involved in shaping and implementing the arts 
                policies and programs of the school;
                    (II) that the school principal supports the policy 
                of arts education for all students;
                    (III) that arts teachers in the school are 
                encouraged to learn and grow in mastery of their art 
                form as well as in their teaching competence;
                    (IV) that the school actively encourages the use of 
                arts assessment techniques for improving student, 
                teacher, and administrative performance; and
                    (V) that school leaders engage the total school 
                community in arts activities that create a climate of 
                support for arts education; and

            (C) include, in the procedures necessary for verification 
        that a school meets the criteria described in subparagraph (B), 
        written evidence of the specific criteria, and supporting 
        documentation, that includes--
                (i) 3 letters of support for the school from community 
            members, which may include a letter from--
                    (I) the school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA);
                    (II) community leaders, such as elected or appointed 
                officials; and
                    (III) arts organizations or institutions in the 
                community that partner with the school; and

                (ii) the completed application for the award signed by 
            the principal or other education leader such as a school 
            district arts coordinator, school board member, or school 

            (D) determine appropriate methods for disseminating 
        information about the program and make application forms 
        available to schools;
            (E) delineate such roles as the Board considers to be 
        appropriate for the Director in administering the program, and 
        set forth in the bylaws of the Board the duties, salary, and 
        benefits of the Director;
            (F) raise funds for the operation of the program;
            (G) determine, and inform Congress regarding, the national 
        readiness for interdisciplinary individual student awards 
        described in paragraph (2), on the basis of the framework 
        established in the 1997 National Assessment of Educational 
        Progress and such other criteria as the Board determines 
        appropriate; and
            (H) take such other actions as may be appropriate for the 
        administration of the Congressional Recognition for Excellence 
        in Arts Education Awards Program.

                         (2) Student awards

        (A) In general

            At such time as the Board determines appropriate, the 
                (i) shall make annual awards to elementary school and 
            secondary school students for individual interdisciplinary 
            arts achievement; and
                (ii) establish criteria for the making of the awards.

        (B) Award model

            The Board may use as a model for the awards the 
        Congressional Award Program and the President's Physical Fitness 
        Award Program.

(c) Presentation

    The Board shall arrange for the presentation of awards under this 
section to the recipients and shall provide for participation by Members 
of Congress in such presentation, when appropriate.

(d) Date of announcement

    The Board shall determine an appropriate date or dates for 
announcement of the awards under this section, which date shall coincide 
with a National Arts Education Month or a similarly designated day, week 
or month, if such designation exists.

(e) Report

                           (1) In general

        The Board shall prepare and submit an annual report to Congress 
    not later than March 1 of each year summarizing the activities of 
    the Congressional Recognition for Excellence in Arts Education 
    Awards Program during the previous year and making appropriate 
    recommendations for the program. Any minority views and 
    recommendations of members of the Board shall be included in such 

                            (2) Contents

        The annual report shall contain the following:
            (A) Specific information regarding the methods used to raise 
        funds for the Congressional Recognition for Excellence in Arts 
        Education Awards Program and a list of the sources of all money 
        raised by the Board.
            (B) Detailed information regarding the expenditures made by 
        the Board, including the percentage of funds that are used for 
        administrative expenses.
            (C) A description of the programs formulated by the Director 
        under section 816(b)(1) of this title, including an explanation 
        of the operation of such programs and a list of the sponsors of 
        the programs.
            (D) A detailed list of the administrative expenditures made 
        by the Board, including the amounts expended for salaries, 
        travel expenses, and reimbursed expenses.
            (E) A list of schools given awards under the program, and 
        the city, town, or county, and State in which the school is 
            (F) An evaluation of the state of arts education in schools, 
        which may include anecdotal evidence of the effect of the 
        Congressional Recognition for Excellence in Arts Education 
        Awards Program on individual school curriculum.
            (G) On the basis of the findings described in section 811 of 
        this title and the purposes of the Congressional Recognition for 
        Excellence in Arts Education Awards Program described in 
        subsection (a) of this section, a recommendation regarding the 
        national readiness to make individual student awards under 
        subsection (b)(2) of this section.

(Pub. L. 96-114, title II, Sec. 205, as added Pub. L. 106-533, 
Sec. 1(a), Nov. 22, 2000, 114 Stat. 2546.)

                  Section Referred to in Other Sections

    This section is referred to in sections 811, 813, 815 of this title.

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