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Rule 110. Pretrial Conferences

(a) General: In appropriate cases, the Court will undertake to confer with the parties in pretrial conferences with a view to narrowing issues, stipulating facts, simplifying the presentation of evidence, or otherwise assisting in the preparation for trial or possible disposition of the case in whole or in part without trial.

(b) Cases Calendared: Either party in a case listed on any trial calendar may request of the Court, or the Court on its own motion may order, a pretrial conference. The Court may, in its discretion, set the case for a pretrial conference during the trial session. If sufficient reason appears therefor, a pretrial conference will be scheduled prior to the call of the calendar at such time and place as may be practicable and appropriate.

(c) Cases Not Calendared: If a case is not listed on a trial calendar, the Chief Judge, in the exercise of discretion, upon motion of either party or sua sponte, may list such case for a pretrial conference upon a calendar in the place designated for trial, or may assign the case for a pretrial conference either in Washington, D.C., or in any other convenient place.

(d) Conditions: A request or motion for a pretrial conference shall include a statement of the reasons therefor. Pretrial conferences will in no circumstances be held as a substitute for the conferences required between the parties in order to comply with the provisions of Rule 91, but a pretrial conference, for the purpose of assisting the parties in entering into the stipulations called for by Rule 91, will be held by the Court where the party requesting such pretrial conference has in good faith attempted without success to obtain such stipulation from such party's adversary. Nor will any pretrial conference be held where the Court is satisfied that the request therefor is frivolous or is made for purposes of delay.

(e) Order: The Court may, in its discretion, issue appropriate pretrial orders.

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