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Countdown to Year 2000


 The Year 2000

One century consists of 100 years.  One  millennium is a period of 1,000 years. 
The year 2000 is actually the last year of the 20th century and of the second millennium. 
The start of the 21st century and the end of the 20th will be reached on January 1, 2001.  The start of the third millennium and the end of the second will also be reached on the same date, January 1, 2001. 
This date is based on the  universally recognized Gregorian calendar.  Years in this calendar begin with the year one A.D. (January 1, 1 Anno Domini), not with the year zero.

Main Index
Philippine Y2K Resources
Articles on Y2K
Philippine Year 2000 Disclosure & Readiness Act [Republic Act No. 8747]
Rules & Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 8747
Presidential Commission on Year 2000 Compliance
[Executive Order No. 14 (August 19, 1998)]
Philippine Commission on Year 2000 Compliance Official Website
Global Y2K Resources
By Country
United States
Department of the Navy
DISA, Joint Inter-Operability Test Command (JITC)
FDIC's Year 2000 Glossary
Federal Reserve Bank - Year 2000 Alert
Federal Emergency Management Agency
President's Council on Year 2000
Test and Evaluation Community Year 2000 Information
US Department ofDefense
US Senate Special Committee on Year 2000
USA Federal Government Year 2000 Information Directory
United States General Accounting Offfice 
US Air Force
US Army
Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project
Year 2000 Information from the Air Force Electronics System Center
Other Countries
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Books & Bibliography
Year 2000.Com Bookstore
Year 2000 Bibliography 
Embedded System
Millennium Embedded Software 
Risk Management
Year 2000 Problem Impact
Risk & Crisis Management in the Year 2000
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Y2K
PC's & Y2K
A Fully Year 2000 Compliant System for PC's
A Patch from Harlend Computer Services
Apple and the  Y2K Bug?
Blouberg Information Y2K Page
 Computer Mentor - Y2K
DATEVM - Date Simulation for AS/400
PC Database and Y2K 
Sorting Out the Key Issue
Time Dilation/Crouch-Echlin Effect
Xephon's Year 2000 Tool Kits
Year 2000 and Spreadsheets 
Year 2000 Tester and Patch for PC's
Year 2000 Tester and Patch for PC's - Another Site 
Year 2000 Countdown Calendar & Time Calculator Software
Year 2000 PC Bios Compatibility Testing
Y2K Crisis: A Global Ticking Time Bomb
Y2K Code Scanner for Windows 95/NT
Y2K Help for PC Users 
Y2K and Spreadsheets
Schools & Y2K
Year 2000 in Schools - Microsoft
Health Care
Canadian Year 2000 National Clearing House for Health
Health Care Information Management Systems Society
FDA Activities Related to Year 2000
Federal Y2K Biomedical Equipment Clearing House
Public Health Information & Surveillance Systems - Center for Disease Control & Prevention
SearchTPP-Web:   Medical Devices: Y2K 
Impact on Real Estate
Year 2000 and Real Estate
Investment & Finance
Investment in the Year  2000
Y2K Economic Forecast 
J.P. Morgan Report on Year 2000 Problem
CyberEconomics - Yardeni Center
Corporate Disclosure Database on Y2K 
Automotive Industry & Y2K
Automotive Industry Action Group
Agriculture & Y2K
Y2K & Agriculture
Communications/Utilities & Y2K
Network Reliability & Interoperability Council(NRIC) 
Y2K Communications Sector Report
Utilities and Year 2000
Management Tools
Year 2000 Management Briefing
Guide for Small & Mid-Size Businesses on Y2K
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
Computer Information Centre
CIO's Feature Forum
Computer Currents Selection
Government Computer News: The Web is Not Immune to Year 2000 Date Foul-Ups 
InfoWorld: Netscape's and Microsoft's Browsers Wrestle with Year-2000 Dilemma 
Internet World: The Year 2000 
Worldwide Public Awareness Campaign - Netscape
Webweek: Net Is Not Immune to Year 2000 Concerns 
Y2K Humor & Fun Sites
BUGS 2000: Y2K Cartoon Series 
DUH - 2000
Minus Y2K: The Bug that Toppled Egypt
Westgaard Year 2000: Y2K Jokes Index
Y2K Organizations
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Central Computer & Telecommunications Agency of the United Kingdom
Computing Services & Software Association of the United Kingdom
DISC/British Standards Institution
Global Millennium Foundation - Canada
Information Technology Association of America - Year 2000 Buyer;s Guide
International Y2K Cooperation Center
Scottish Software Federation and Year 2000
Society of Information Management Year 2000 Working Group
International Energy Agency
United Nations
Year 2000 - The Millennium Problem from the British Computer Society
Mailing List
Y2K Countdown Clock
 Java Script Code
Java Applet Site
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