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        Edificio Plaza Guijarros
        3 Nivel Tegucigalpa, Honduras
        Tel. No.: 221-4865
        Web Address:
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person:Marco Tulio Castro
        Area/s of Practice: Administrative Law, Admiralty & Maritime, Banking & Finance,
                         Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional & Political Law,
                         Computer & Information Technology, Corporations & Business
                         Organizations, Immigration & Naturalization, Insurance Law,
                         Intellectual Properties, International Law, Labor & Employment,
                         Litigation, and Probate, Trusts & Estates.
        Brief Description:  The Castro, Morales & Associates Lawyer's Office is constituted
                         under the concept of a modern law office.  Its members have
                         great experience in the different law and financial disciplines.
        Ghalia Building, Abdulhameed Shoman Street
        Shmeisani, Amman, Jordan
        Tel. No./Fax No.: 962-6-568-7580
        Web Address:
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person:M. Beiruti
        Brief Description:  The Firm provides legal services on Jordanian laws.
        Extended Description:  BEIRUTI LAW FIRM was established in H. K. of Jordan
                      since 1962.  The Firm provides various services related to a
                      wide range of business and commercial law such as
                      registration & incorporation of companies, drafting license
                      franchising, technology transfer, joint venture & collaboration
                      agreement, intellectual property, industrial property laws,
                      foreign exchange regulation law, banking law, international
                      transactions as well as related disputes resolution and
                      arbitration, adverse litigation before the central government,
                      courts, tribunals, commission covering local, regional and
                      world wide associations.
        14 Rue IBN Khaldoun
        1004 El Emnzah
        Tunis, Tunisia (North Africa)
        Tel. No.: 216/1.234-102; 9.312404
        Fax No.: 216/1.234102 - 884230
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person:Fathi Belaiba
        Area/s of Practice: Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Family & Personal Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Properties, Labor & Employment, Legal Ethics * Professional Responsibility, Mergers & Acquisitions, Probate, Trusts & Estates, Professional Marketplace, Real Estate, Taxation and Workers' Compensation.
        2130 Palmira
        Tegucigalpa, Honduras
        Tel. No.: 504-236-5239
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person:Cesar A. Gonzalez
        Area/s of Practice: Corporations & Business Organizations
        Brief Description:  Corporate, Joint Ventures, IP Research & Protection,
                         Privatization, Energy & Telecommunications
        Pilares 405, Mexico
        D. F. 03100
        Tel. No.: (5) 559-1720
        Fax No.: (5) 559-1720
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person:Guadalupe Barrena
        Area/s of Practice: Intellectual Property
        Brief Description:  Interested on intellectual property and cultural identity
        425 N. Court St., Alabama, U. S. A.
        Tel. No.: (256) 764-4011
        Fax No.: (256) 767-7484
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Web Address:
        Contact Person/s:John B. Baugh
        Area/s of Practice: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Family & Personal Law,
                          General Practice, Insurance Law, Labor & Employment,
                          Litigation, Personal Injury & Torts, Product Liability &
                          Workers' Compensation.
        Brief Description:  Civil law practice in all state and federal courts.
        Extended Description:  John Baugh practices civil litigation in all counties of
                      Northern Alabama.  He performs defense work for
                      corporations and insurance companies and handles
                      personal injury and workers compensation claims.
                      He is trained to serve as an arbitrator or mediator.

        P. O. Box 9407, Puah Street
        8/A Haifa, Israel
        Tel. No.: (972) (4) 851-4416
        Fax No.: (972) (4) 851-4394
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person/s:Susan Freiman
        Area/s of Practice: Commercial Law, Criminal Law & Litigation
        Brief Description:   Commercial litigation particularly protecting debtors (individual
                          and corporate) and assisting them in financial rehabilitation.
                          This includes pressing claims against banks.  Criminal litigation:
                          As a former Assistant U. S. Attorney, Southern District of
                          New York, I am especially well-equipped to cooperate in
                          litigation related to U. S. federal litigation.
        3435 Wilshire Blvd., 27th Floor
        Los Angeles/Glendale, California, U. S. A.
        Tel. No.: (213) 251-5477
        Fax No.: (818) 539-2239
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Web Address:
        Contact Persons:Miguel Inumerable or Joe Inumerable
        Area/s of Practice: Commercial Law, Family & Personal Law, Immigration &
                          Naturalization, International Law, Litigation, Personal Injury
                          & Torts, Real Estate.
        Extended Description:  We are a partnership of three brothers, along with other
                      associates and of counsel.  We practice law in the Southern
                      California area but service clients in other jurisdictions as
                      well as in Manila.  We are graduates of major US universities
                      and law schools and have a total work experience of over 26
                      years combined.  Although our family migrated to the US
                      from the Philippines in the late 1960's, we are at home with
                      the Filipino experience and our office is bilingual.  Our lawyers
                      travel frequently between the US and Manila and are able to
                      service both Philippine and US-based clientele.  We are also
                      open to affiliations with Manila-based law firms and attorneys.
        Lawyers, Trademark & Patent Agents
        Head Office:
        260 Ba Trieu Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
        Tel. No.: (84) (4) 8269223; 8226268
        Fax No.: (84) (4) 8252282; 8226052
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Web Address:
        Contact Persons:Mr. Nguyen Tran Bat, Chairman
                        Mr. Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac, Vice Chairman
                        Mr. Nguyen Tien Lap, Managing Director
        Branch Office:
        15 Nguyen Thi Dieu Street
        District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
        Tel. No.: (84) (8) 8299831; 8299823
        Fax No.: (84) (8) 8231113; 8299822
        Area/s of Practice: Legal Services:  Foreign Investment, Joint Ventures, Company
                          Formation, Banking & International Financial Transactions,
                          Contract, Leasing, Construction, Distributorship, Agency &
                          Franchising, Property & Real Estate, Employment & Labour
                          Relation, Administrative Procedures, Insurance, Maritime &
                          Aviation, Private Client Works and others.
                          Intellectual Property: All aspects of Industrial Property including
                          registration and enforcement of IP and copyright, litigation,
                          licensing, franchising and technology transfer for patents,
                          trademarks, designs, copyright and technical know-how.
        Spoken Languages:  English, French, German and Russian
        Brief Description:   The Firm's history dates back to 1987 when Mr. Nguyen Tran
                          Bat, now Chairman and General Director of Investconsult
                          Group, initiated the establishment of the first intellectual
                          property agent in Vietnam call The Bureau of Promotion of
                          Intellectual Property under the State Committee of Science
                          and Technology.  Two years later, from this Bureau, he
                          founded Investconsult, a professional firm specializing in
                          both foreign investment consulting and intellectual property
                          services.  In step with the recent rapid development and
                          changes in the Vietnamese economy and society, Investconsult
                          has expanded its business towards specializing in professional
                          services and has become the leading local consulting group in
                          Vietnam.  The Firm's staff is currently 120 of whom 46 are
                          lawyers and legal trainees.

        Extended Description:  INVESTCONSULT LEGAL SERVICES, established in
                     1993 was one of the first Vietnamese law firms set up
                     and operating under the Law on Companies.  Based
                     on existing reputation and business experiences of
                     Investconsult and staffed with a strong group of highly-
                     educated professionals who possess both local and
                     international experience, Investconsult Legal Services
                     has quickly become among the top rank of legal
                     professional firms in Vietnam.  Especially, the firm has a
                     close association with many well-known international law
                     firms from U.K., USA, Australia, France, Hong Kong,
                     Singapore, etc.  The Chairman and other Members of the
                     Firm are members of the Hanoi Law Society and many
                     other professional and business associations.  The Firm
                     has been registered as a member of INTA since 1994.

        Corrientes 316, Floor 3, Of. 354
        Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Tel. No.: (54) (1) 328-8839
        Fax No.: (54) (1) 328-2400
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Contact Person/s:Dra. Silvia Mussuto
        Area/s of Practice: Transportation
        Brief Description:   Over forty years experience in arbitration and litigation and
                          maritime law matters.
        Fr. Nansen plass 5, Box 1348
        Vika, N-0113 Oslo, Norway
        Tel. No.: (47) 22405600
        Fax No.:(47) 22405610
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Web Address:
        Contact Person/s:Hans Chr. Steenstrup
        Area/s of Practice: Bankruptcy, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Computer &
                          Information Technology, Corporations & Business
                          Organizations, Entertainment & Sports, Family & Personal
                          Law, General Practice, Intellectual Properties, Labor &
                          Employment, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Personal
                          Injury & Torts
        Brief Description:  A Norwegian medium-sized law firm.
        2/19 Ganga, Swastik Park
        V N Purav Marg
        Chembur, Mumbai
        Tel. No.: (91) 22 5220075
        Fax No.:(91) 22 4113889
        E-Mail:  [email protected]
        Web Address:
        Contact Person:S S Iyer
        Area/s of Practice: Commercial Law, General Practice, Intellectual Property &
                          Mergers and Acquisitions
        Brief Description:  A law firm having associates across the world and experienced
                         in worldwide registration of patents and trademarks.  The Firm
                         has an established practice in IP law and has recently inducted
                         in its practice MR. SHYAM SUNDER IYER, Advocate and
                         Consultant on Intellectual Property who has an experience of
                         about 18 years in the legal field.  Mr. Shyam Sunder Iyer has
                         been associated with India's leading firm of attorneys in the IP
                         field M/S Remfry & Sagar at their Mumbai office since the early
                         1980's.  Mr. Iyer has not only the experience before the IP forum
                         in India but also is experienced in all aspects before the various
                         courts in India vis-a-vis IP litigation.

                         With the induction of Mr. Iyer, the Firm expects to offer full-
                         fledged services in all fields relating to IP in India, the SAARC
                         countries, Asia & Africa generally to the complete satisfaction
                         of clients.

      Affiliated Lawyers and Law Firms:chanroblesvirtuallawlibrary
      Abels Decker Kuhfuss & Partner [Dormagen, Germany]
      Tel. No.:  (+49) (2133) 25020
      Fax No.:  (+49) (2133) 250250
      Contact Person:Berthold Decker
      Abels Decker Kuhfuss & Partner [Dusseldorf, Germany]
      Tel. No.:  (+49) (211) 47 83 8 0
      Fax No.:  (+49) (211) 47 83 8 111
      Contact Persons:Dr. Peter Abels/Werner Kuhfuss
      Advukaturburo Dr.iur. Thomas Nigg [Vaduz, Liechtenstein]
      Tel. No.:  (+4175) 237 65 30
      Fax No.:  (+4175) 237 65 31
      Contact Person: Thomas Nigg
      Alain Marchand [Paris, France]
      Tel. No.:  (+33) (1) 53 57 86 06
      Fax No.:  (+33) (1) 47 23 21 62
      Contact Person:Alain Marchand
      Anderssen & Co. [Brisbane, Australia]
      Tel. No.:  (+61) (7) 3252 7772
      Fax No.:  (+61) (7) 3252 3563
      Contact Person:Birnie Stephenson
      Arndt & Walten [Berlin, Germany]
      Tel. No.:  (+49) (30) 213 5074
      Fax No.:  (+49) (30) 218 8579
      Contact Persons:Michael Arndt/Frank M. Walten
      Asianajotoimisto Hedman Advokatbyra AB [Helsinki, Finland]
      Tel. No.:  (+358) (9) 177 060
      Fax No.:  (+358) (9) 629 759
      Contact Person:Harry Hedman
      Avni Herezog Shualy & Gurevich [Haifa, Israel]
      Tel. No.:  (+972) (4) 8675488
      Fax No.:  (+972) (4) 8672106
      Contact Persons:Avia Ben-Ari/Yehuda Shualy
      Bertouille & Associ'es [Brussels, Belgium]
      Tel. No.:  (+32) (2) 647 97 00
      Fax No.:  (+32) (2) 647 98 99
      Contact Persons:Stephane Bertouille/Catherine Sbille
      Bertouille & Partners [Prague, Czech Republic]
      Tel. No.:  (+420) 60 23 02 778
      Fax No.:  (+420) 62 67 14 36 18
      Contact Person:Ortwin Carron
      Bisk & Lutz [Houston, Texas, U. S. A.]
      Tel. No.:  (+1) (713) 871 9990
      Fax No.:  (+1) (713) 871 0721
      Contact Person:Reuven M. Bisk
      Cabinet D'Avocats Yvette Hamilius [Luxembourg]
      Tel. No.:  (+352) 45 80 30
      Fax No.:  (+352) 45 80 90
      Contact Person:Yvette Hamilius
        Members of the Firm:
          Rees T. Bowen
          Mark Alan Calhoun
          Dennis D. Conder
          David W. Elrod
          Parker Nelson
          Roy L. Stacy
          Michael C. Wright
          LeAnn Wainscott Cross
          David G. Allen
          William O. Angelley
          Joseph G. Barkate
          Scott S. Crocker
          Sean P. Fitzgerald
          Leane Capps Medford
          Jonathan G. Polak
          Elizabeth Reding Gambrell
          Joel W. Reese
          Shannon B. Schuster
          Barbara L. Wohlrabe
      Calzadilla Perez Burelli & Asociados [Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela]
      Tel. Nos.:  (+58) (81) 76 03 15/76 88 26/76 34 60
      Fax No.:   (+58) (81) 76 86 76
      Contact Persons:Pablo Alvarez/Augusto Adolfo Calzadilla
      Chen & Lin [Taipei, Taiwan]
      Tel. No.:  (+886) (2) 2715 0270
      Fax No.:  (+886) (2) 2514 7510
      Contact Person:Che-Hung Chen
        Members of the Firm:
          Carlos F. Concepcion
          Francis X. Sexton, Jr.
          Juan Vicente
          Urdaneta Villamizar
          Robert A. Mallow
          Special Counsel
          Paul J. McMahon
          George T. Ramani
          Warren Jay Stamm
          Alicia M. Castilla
          David A. Pearl
          Marta M. Pérez-Pendás
          Mary Beth Morrissey
          Julie C. Ferguson
        Members of the Firm:
          Sudhir Gopi
          Roy Abraham
          Gita Anirudhan
          Azmi Saifi
        Members of the Firm:
          Marve Ann M. Alaimo
          Glenn J. Angiolillo
          Sharon L. Aresco
          Patricia G. Bade
          Basil L. Bain
          Foster Bam
          Stephen H. Bard
          Robert A. Beer
          Catherine A. Birch
          Paul L. Bourdeau
          Jay E. Bovilsky
          Matthew A. Bovino
          Lisa M. Boyle
          William H. Bright
          Katherine P. Burgeson
          John W. Cannavino
          John F. Carberry
          Patrick F. Caruso
          Chris Cerrito
          Deborah S. Chang
          Holley L. Claiborn
          Martin A. Clarke
          Neil G. Cohen
          Joshua Cohen
          April F. Condon
          Karen T. Coney
          Jacquelyn Conlon
          Karen P. Conway
          Jeffrey A. Cooper
          Joe B. Cox
          Frank J. Coyle
          Timothy W. Crowley
          Lisa Dalfonso
          Daniel L. Daniels
          Tracy C. Daugherty
          Lisa Davis
          B. Cort Delany
          Margaret A. DeLuca
          Robert P. Dolian
          Jodi P. Dottori
          Alison K. Douglas
          Philip M. Drake
          Andrew J. Ehrgood
          John P. Ekberg III
          Marc R. Esterman
          Lawrence A. Farese
          Aaron A. Farmer
          Michael G. Fass
          Robert B. Fawber
          Geoffrey F. Fay
          Joseph Ferraro
          Charles J. Filardi, Jr.
          Jamie J. Fitzgerald
          John A. Flaherty
          Thomas J. Freed
          John D. Freeman
          John R. French
          Steven I. Frenkel
          Edward Gallant
          Brad Gallant
          Robert T. Gilhuly
          Eric M. Grant
          Lauren Greenspoon
          Robert F. Grele
          Michael J. Hinton
          Paul G. Holland, Jr.
          Paul G. Hughes
          Howard M. Hujsa
          Peter W. Hull
          Sheila J. Kalkunte
          Michael J. Kearney
          Jeffrey P. Kelly
          Wendi J. Kemp
          David W. Kesner
          Vincent M. Kiernan
          Thad Kirkpatrick
          Paul E. Knag
          Paul J. Knierim
          Jason H. Korn
          Curt A. Kramer
          Barry Kramer
          Kenneth D. Krier
          Stephanie E. Lane
          E. Steven Lauer
          Lawrence M. LeHan
          David T. Leibell
          Gina S. Linstone
          James I. Lotstein
          William R. Lynch
          Michael G. Madden
          Victoria M. Malia
          John R. Mallin
          Stephen Marcovich
          Christopher H. Martin
          Nancy P. Marx
          Cassandra Burns McDonald
          Richard P. McGrath
          John P. McKinney
          Sandra M. McLean
          Jeffrey J. Miller
          Sara D. Miller
          Jonathan B. Mills
          Farah Mollo
          Steven J. Moore
          Martha G. Munchhof
          Kathleen A. Murrett
          John R. Musicaro, Jr.
          Basam E. Nabulsi
          William H. Narwold
          Walter J. Nester
          Ralph A. Nichols
          James R. Nici
          Gregory B. Nokes
          Kevin D. O'Leary
          Margaret A. O'Neal
          Moyahoena N. Ogilvie
          Willard J. Overlock
          R. Thomas Payne
          Douglas M. Poulin
          Kelley Geraghty Price
          Charles D. Ray
          Robert W. Reeves
          Cathy S. Reiman
          Richard R. Rendeiro
          Gail D. Resnikoff
          Edward F. Rodenbach
          Timothy G. Ronan
          Deborah L. Russell
          Kristen Gaven Russell
          Veronica R. Santarsiero
          Joel H. Schechter
          Marianna F. Schenk
          Richard A. Siegal
          Robert G. Simses
          Thomas P. Skidd
          Mark G. Sklarz
          John F. Spindler
          Douglas R. Steinmetz
          Maria C. Swaby
          Charles M. Tatelbaum
          Melissa M. Taub
          Heather V. Taylor
          Conrad Teitell
          Frederick A. Thomas
          Howard Tuthill
          Howard S. Tuthill III
          Josh W. van Hulst
          Eugenie B. Verrillo
          Richard Voigt
          Erik X. Wallace
          Elia C. Walsh
          Jane K. Warren
          William C. Weitzel, Jr.
          Eric Watt Wiechmann
          Gayle B. Wilhelm
          Holly J. Winger
          Scott Wofsy
          Sujata Yalamanchili
          Blaine R. Young
          Marc L. Zaken
      Dr. Dessewffy Alice -(Bogsch & Bogsch Dessewffy Godolle Gabriel [Budapes, Hungary]
      Tel. No.:  (+36) (1) 266 2245/118 1111
      Fax No.:  (+36) (1) 118 7828
      Contact Person:Dr. Alice Dessewffy
      Fairplay International Trust N. V.  [St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba]
      Tel. Nos.:  (+599) (5) 23487/25053
      Fax No.:  (+599) (5) 24150
      Contact Person:Th. Max Pandt
      Fairplay International Trust N. V.  [Aruba, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba]
      Tel. Nos.:  (+2978) 23554/23545
      Fax No.:  (+2978) 35008
      Contact Person:Th. Max Pandt
      Fiocco Hopkins Nash [Perth, Australia]
      Tel. No.:  (+61) (8) 9325 7800
      Fax No.:  (+61) (8) 9221 1216
      Contact Person:John Hopkins
      Harley & Morris [Masem, Lesotho]
      Tel. No.:  (+266) 313840
      Fax No.:  (+266) 310076
      Contact Person: Seymour Harley
      Heck Gambini Traum & Fromm [Paris, France]
      Tel. No.:  (+33) (1) 42 66 44 11
      Fax No.:  (+33) (1) 42 66 18 17
      Contact Persons:Axel Heck/Brigitte R. Gambini/Egbert Traum/Hartmut Fromm
      Hedman, Attorneys-at-Law [Tallinn, Estonia]
      Tel. No.:  (+372) (6) 307 800
      Fax No.:  (+372) (6) 307 801
      Contact Person:Katariina Kaukonen
      Hedman, Attorneys-at-Law [St. Petersburg, Russia]
      Tel. No.:  (+7) (812) 274 3142
      Fax No.:  (+7) (812) 278 9224
      Contact Person:Marina Sidorchuk
      HS Treuhand GmbH [Eutin, Germany]
      Tel. No.:  (+49) (4521) 72138/72139
      Fax No.:  (+49) (4521) 9208
      Contact Person:Klaus-Peter Schroder
      Lionel Levine & Co. [Nassau, Bahamas]
      Tel. No.:  (+1) (242) 328 0978
      Fax No.:  (+1) (242) 323 8489
      Contact Person:Lionel Levine
      Low Yeap Toh & Goon [Singapore]
      Tel. No.:  (+65) 220 2666
      Fax No.:  (+65) 223 6483
      Contact Person:Low Siew Joon
      McNaught Wickwar [Harare, Zimbabwe]
      Tel. Nos.:  (+263) (4) 791 611-3
      Fax No.:   (+263) (4) 706 939
      Contact Persons: Michael Robert McNaught/Jerome O'Brien/Peter Francis Wickwar
      Quiroz & Asociados [San Jose, Costa Rica]
      Tel. No.:  (+506) 224 7800
      Fax Nos.:  (+506) 224 5946/234 7335
      Contact Persons:Natan Wager/Juan Carlos Herrera
      Raeder Wisloff Aasland & Co. ANS [Oslo, Norway]
      Tel. No.:  (+47) 22 44 68 33
      Fax No.:  (+47) 22 43 44 28
      Contact Person:Ole Per Solum/Morten Opstad
      Studio Ventura e Associati Internazionale [Milan, Rome, Italy]
      Tel. No.:  (+39) (2) 76004213
      Fax No.:  (+39) (2) 781491
      Contact Person: Daniel Brigada
      Valenzuela y Asociados [Santiago, Chile]
      Tel. No.:  (+56) (2) 236 0068/0069/0071
      Fax No.:  (+56) (2) 235 9959
      Contact Persons:Marcelo Valenzuela Acevedo/Olga Morales Arce
      Valenzuela y Asociados [Talca, Chile]
      Tel. No.:  (+56) (71) 226 697
      Contact Person:Eladio Soza Hernandez
      Weermeijer and Roelink [Hoofddorp, Netherlands]
      Tel. No.:  (+31) (23) 561 7477
      Fax No.:  (+31) (23) 563 9981
      Contact Persons:Hans Weermeijer/Martjin Schuller
      Woodward Toomey [Christchurch, New Zealand]
      Tel. No.:  (+64) (3) 365 3267
      Fax No.:  (+64) (3) 365 5128
      Contact Person:John Woodward
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