50 C.F.R. Subpart D—Permits

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart D—Permits

§ 25.41   Who issues refuge permits?

We authorize the refuge manager of the facility where an activity is to take place to issue permits required by this subchapter C unless the regulations in this subchapter C require the applicant to obtain the applicable permit from the Director or Secretary. In those situations, the refuge manager will so inform the applicant, giving the applicant all necessary information as to how and where to apply.

[67 FR 58942, Sept. 18, 2002]

§ 25.42   Permits required to be exhibited on request.

Any person on a national wildlife refuge shall upon request by any authorized official exhibit the required Federal or State permit or license authorizing their presence and activity on the area and shall furnish such other information for identification purposes as may be requested.

§ 25.43   Who may terminate or revoke a permit and why?

The refuge manager may terminate or revoke a permit at any time for noncompliance with the terms of the permit or of the regulations in this subchapter C; for nonuse; for violation of any law, regulation, or order applicable to the refuge; or to protect public health or safety or the resources of a national wildlife refuge.

[67 FR 58943, Sept. 18, 2002]

§ 25.44   How do we grant permits for easement area uses?

(a) The provisions of this subsection shall govern the regulation of activities that affect easement interests acquired by the United States. All other provisions of subchapter C shall apply to activities within such easement areas, but only to the extent that those provisions are directly or indirectly related to the protection of those easement interests expressly acquired by the United States which are specified in the easement agreement itself, and are not inconsistent with the provisions of this subsection.

(b) We require permits for use of easement areas administered by us where proposed activities may affect the property interest acquired by the United States. Applications for permits will be submitted in writing to the Regional Director or a designee. We may grant special use permits to owners of servient estates, or to third parties with the owner's agreement, by the Regional Director or a designee, upon written determination that such permitted use is compatible. If we ultimately determine that the requested use will not affect the United States' interest, the Regional Director will issue a letter of non-objection.

(c) In instances where the third applicant is a governmental entity which has acquired a partial interest in the servient estate by subsequent condemnation, a special use permit may be granted to the governmental entity without the servient estate owner's agreement if the regional director or his or her designee determines:

(1) The permitted use is compatible; and

(2) The permitted use is consistent with the partial property interests obtained through condemnation.

(d) Regulations pertaining to rights-of-way in easement areas are contained in 50 CFR part 29.21.

[51 FR 7575, Mar. 5, 1986, as amended at 65 FR 62482, Oct. 18, 2000]

§ 25.45   Appeals procedure.

(a) Who may appeal. Any person who is adversely affected by a refuge manager's decision or order relating to the person's permit granted by the Service, or application for permit, within the National Wildlife Refuge System. This section does not apply to permits or applications for rights-of-way. See §29.22 for the hearing and appeals procedure on rights-of-way.

(b) Preliminary procedure. Prior to making any adverse decision or order on a permit or application for permit, the refuge manager shall notify the permittee or applicant orally or in writing of the proposed action and its effective date. The permittee or applicant shall have twenty (20) days after notification in which to present to the refuge manager, orally or in writing, a statement in opposition to the proposed action or date. The permittee or applicant shall be notified in writing within twenty (20) days after receipt of the statement in opposition, of the refuge manager's final decision or order.

(c) Appeals, how taken. If the refuge manager still intends to proceed with the proposed action, the permittee or applicant shall have thirty (30) days from the postmarked date of the refuge manager's final decision or order in which to file a written appeal to the appropriate area manager. The appellant (permittee or applicant) shall be notified in writing within thirty (30) days from the postmarked date of the appeal of the area manager's decision. The appellant shall have (30) days from the postmarked date of the area manager's decision to further appeal in writing to the appropriate regional director.

(d) Decision of regional director. The regional director's decision shall be final and issued in writing to the appellant within thirty (30) days from the postmarked date of the appeal.

(e) Oral presentation. The appellant shall be provided an opportunity for oral presentation before the area manager or the regional director within the respective thirty (30) day appeal periods.

(f) Addresses. The addresses of the appropriate officials to whom appeals may be taken shall be furnished in each decision or order.

(g) Suspension pending appeal. Compliance with any decision or order of a refuge manager shall not be suspended by reason of an appeal having been taken unless such suspension is authorized in writing by the area manager or regional director (depending upon the official before whom the appeal is pending), and then only upon a determination by these officials that such suspension will not be detrimental to the interests of the United States or upon submission and acceptance of a bond deemed adequate to indemnify the United States from loss or damage.

[42 FR 64120, Dec. 22, 1977. Redesignated at 51 FR 7575, Mar. 5, 1986]

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