50 C.F.R. Subpart E—Fees and Charges

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart E—Fees and Charges

Source:  52 FR 29860, Aug. 12, 1987, unless otherwise noted.

§ 25.51   General provisions.

Reasonable charges and fees may be established for public recreational use of and, except in Alaska, entrance onto national wildlife refuges. Regulations regarding recreational use fees are contained in 36 CFR part 71. Regulations regarding entrance fees are contained in this subpart E.

§ 25.52   Designation.

To be designated as an “Entrance Fee Area”, a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge System must be found to demonstrate that:

(a) The level of visitation for recreational purposes is high enough to justify the collection of fees for admission permits for economic reasons;

(b) There is a practical mechanism in existence for implementing and operating a system of collecting fees for admission permits; and

(c) Imposition of a fee for admission permits is not likely to result in undue economic hardship for a significant number of visitors to the unit.

§ 25.53   Establishment of single visit entrance fees.

Entrance fees established for single visit permits at a designated Entrance Fee Area shall consider the following criteria with regard to the local area within which the refuge is located:

(a) The direct and indirect cost to the Government.

(b) The benefits to the permit holder.

(c) The public policy or interest served.

(d) The comparable fees charged by non-Federal public agencies.

(e) The economic and administrative feasibility of fee collection.

§ 25.54   Posting and public notification.

The public shall be notified that an entrance fee is charged through refuge publications and posted designation signs in accordance with §25.31 of this part.

§ 25.55   Refuge admission permits.

(a) Unless otherwise provided, persons entering an Entrance Fee Area shall obtain and be in possession of a valid admission permit.

(b) The following five types of permits allowing entrance onto an Entrance Fee Area will be available for issue or purchase at such area and, except for refuge-specific permits, at Fish and Wildlife Service Regional and Washington, DC Offices, and at other locations as may be designated.

(1) Single visit permit with a charge not to exceed $3 per person or $7.50 per noncommercial vehicle (single visit can be defined as 1–15 days, dependent upon a determination of the period of time reasonably and ordinarily necessary for such a visit at a particular refuge unit).

(2) Golden Eagle Passport.

(3) Golden Age Passport.

(4) Golden Access Passport.

(5) Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation (Duck) Stamp. To be valid, the Duck Stamp must be current and bear the signature of the holder on the front.

§ 25.56   Enforcement.

Permits issued or used for entrance onto Entrance Fee Areas are nontransferable. Failure to pay the entrance fee, to display upon request of an authorized official a valid permit, or to comply with other entrance fee provisions, rules or regulations, will be subject to the penalties prescribed in 50 CFR 28.31.

§ 25.57   Exceptions and exemptions.

At Entrance Fee Areas:

(a) Special admission permits for uses, such as group activities, may be issued.

(b) No entrance fee shall be charged for persons under 16 years of age.

(c) No entrance fee shall be charged for travel by private noncommercial vehicle over any road or highway established as part of the National Federal Aid System (defined in 23 U.S.C. 101), which is commonly used by the public as a means of travel between two places which are outside the Entrance Fee Area.

(d) No entrance fee shall be charged for travel by private noncommercial vehicle over any road or highway to any land in which such person has a property interest if such land is within any Entrance Fee Area.

(e) Persons accompanying the holder of a valid single visit permit, Federal Duck Stamp or Golden Eagle, Age, or Access Passport in a single, private, noncommercial vehicle shall be entitled to general entrance.

(f) Where entry is by any means other than single, private, noncommercial vehicle, the spouse, children, or parents accompanying the holder of a valid single visit permit, Federal Duck Stamp or Golden Eagle, Age, or Access Passport shall be entitled to general entrance.

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