50 C.F.R. Subpart E—How States Apply for Grants

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries

Title 50: Wildlife and Fisheries

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Subpart E—How States Apply for Grants

§ 86.50   When must I apply?

(a) We will accept proposals between February 20, 2001, and May 18, 2001, for the first grant cycle; between July 1, 2001, and September 30, 2001, for the second grant cycle; and between July 1, 2002, and September 30, 2002, for the third grant cycle. This program starts fiscal year 2000 and ends fiscal year 2003. We will have $16 million to award the first grant cycle, and $8 million each cycle after that.

(b) The annual schedule follows:

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                Action                       FY 2000-2001               FY 2002                  FY 2003----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We announce the beginning of the       February 20, 2001......  July 1, 2001...........  July 1, 2002. grant cycle.You submit your grant proposal by....  May 18, 2001...........  September 30, 2001.....  September 30, 2002.Regions submit the proposals to        June 18, 2001..........  October 31, 2001.......  October 31, 2002. Washington by.We rank the proposals by.............  July 17, 2001..........  November 30, 2001......  November 30, 2002.The Director approves proposals by...  August 16, 2001........  December 31, 2001......  December 31, 2002.Regions finalize their grant           October 15, 2001.......  February 28, 2002......  February 28, 2003. agreements by.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§ 86.51   To whom must I apply?

You must submit your proposals to the appropriate regional office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. See the chart below for the address you will need.

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        Region                State               Address                           Telephone----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1....................  California, Hawaii,  Division of Federal  503-231-6128, Fax: 503-231-6996                        Idaho, Nevada,       Aid, U.S. Fish                        Oregon,              & Wildlife                        Washington,          Service, Eastside                        American Samoa,      Federal Complex,                        Commonwealth of      911 NE 11th                        the Northern         Avenue, Portland,                        Mariana Islands,     OR 97232-4181.                        and Guam.2....................  Arizona, New         Division of Federal  505-248-7450, Fax: 505-248-7471                        Mexico, Oklahoma,    Aid, U.S. Fish                        and Texas.           & Wildlife                                             Service, P.O. Box                                             1306, 625 Silver,                                             SW, Suite 325,                                             Albuquerque, NM                                             87102.3....................  Illinois, Indiana,   Division of Federal  612-713-5130, Fax: 612-713-5290                        Iowa, Michigan,      Aid, U.S. Fish                        Minnesota,           & Wildlife                        Missouri, Ohio,      Service, Bishop                        and Wisconsin.       Henry Whipple                                             Federal Building,                                             1 Federal Drive,                                             Fort Snelling, MN                                             55111-4056.4....................  Alabama, Arkansas,   Division of Federal  404-679-4159, Fax: 404-679-4160                        Florida, Georgia,    Aid, U.S. Fish                        Kentucky,            & Wildlife                        Louisiana,           Service, 1875                        Mississippi, North   Century Boulevard,                        Carolina, South      Suite 324,                        Carolina,            Atlanta, Georgia                        Tennessee, Puerto    30345.                        Rico, and the                        Virgin Islands.5....................  Connecticut,         Division of Federal  413-253-8200, Fax: 413-253-8487                        Delaware, District   Aid, U.S. Fish                        of Columbia,         & Wildlife                        Maine, Maryland,     Service, 300                        Massachusetts, New   Westgate Center                        Hampshire, New       Drive, Hadley, MA                        Jersey, New York,    01035-9589.                        Pennsylvania,                        Rhode Island,                        Vermont, Virginia,                        and West Virginia.6....................  Colorado, Kansas,    Division of Federal  303-236-7392, Fax: 303-236-8192                        Montana, Nebraska,   Aid, U.S. Fish                        North Dakota,        & Wildlife                        South Dakota,        Service, Denver                        Utah, and Wyoming.   Federal Center,                                             P.O. Box 25486,                                             Lake Plaza North                                             Building, 134                                             Union Boulevard,                                             4th Floor, Denver,                                             Colorado 80225.7....................  Alaska.............  Division of Federal  907-786-3435, Fax: 907-786-3575                                             Aid, U.S. Fish                                             & Wildlife                                             Service, 1011 East                                             Tudor Road,                                             Anchorage, Alaska                                             99503.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§ 86.52   What information must I include in my grant proposals?

You must submit the following standard forms and narrative for all projects (Tier One and Tier Two) (see §86.53):

(a) Standard Form 424 series as prescribed by the Office of Management and Budget. The SF 424 series consists of the Applications for Federal Assistance (SF 424), Budget Information—Non-Construction Programs (SF 424A), Assurances—Non-Construction Programs (SF 424B), Budget Information—Construction Programs (SF 424C), and Assurances—Construction Programs (SF 424D). Submit forms appropriate for either construction or nonconstruction projects. Forms are available from your appropriate Service Regional Office.

(b) Information requested under OMB Circular A–102 (Application Booklet for Federal Aid Grants—pending approval under the Paperwork Reduction Act).

§ 86.53   What are funding tiers?

(a) This grant program will consist of two tiers of funding.

(i) You may apply for one or both tiers.

(ii) The two tiers will allow all States some certainty of base level funding.

(b) Tier One funding will ensure broad geographical distribution to meet the needs of transient nontrailerable recreational vessels.

(c) Tier Two funding will allow States with large projects to compete with other States with large projects based on individual project merits.

(d) We describe the two tiers as follows:

(1) Tier One Projects. (i) You may submit a proposal with an unlimited number of projects within this tier. However, your total request cannot exceed $100,000 of Federal funds for any given fiscal year.

(ii) Tier One projects must meet the eligibility requirements in §§86.14 and 86.20.

(2) Tier Two Projects. (i) While we expect available funds for Tier Two proposals to be between $3 million and $4 million per grant cycle, we have no dollar limit for Tier Two proposals. You may submit any number of projects, which we will score and rank separately according to the criteria in §86.60.

(ii) Each project will compete nationally against every other project in Tier Two.

(iii) Tier Two projects must also meet the eligibility requirements in §§86.14 and 86.20.

§ 86.54   How must I submit proposals?

(a) You may apply for either Tier One funding or Tier Two funding or both.

(b) You may submit more than one project proposal within Tier One and Tier Two.

(c) You may submit one proposal that includes Tier One and Tier Two projects.

(d) If your proposal includes Tier One and Tier Two projects, you must describe Tier One projects separately from Tier Two projects.

(e) You must describe each project in Tier Two separately, so that the Service can rank and score each project in Tier Two separately.

(f) For the first grant cycle, which includes fiscal years 2000 and 2001, a State may submit one Tier One proposal not to exceed $100,000 per fiscal year. States should submit proposals between February 20, 2001, and May 18, 2001. We will fund one Tier One proposal per State for each fiscal year provided that each proposal meets the eligibility requirements in §§86.14 and 86.20. Fiscal year 2000 funds are available only for Tier One proposals. Tier One proposals need not meet the criteria in §86.60. We will fund Tier Two proposals received between February 20, 2001, and May 18, 2001, that meet the criteria in §§86.14, 86.20, and 86.60 with fiscal year 2001 funds and the remainder of fiscal year 2000 funds.

(g) For the remaining grant cycles, you may submit only one proposal of Tier One projects per fiscal year.

(h) When we approve projects, the appropriate Service Regional Office will determine how many grant agreements are necessary.

§ 86.55   What are my compliance requirements with Federal laws, regulations, and policies?

(a) To receive Federal funds, you must agree to and certify compliance with all applicable Federal laws, regulations, and policies. You must submit an Assurance Statement, as described in 43 CFR part 12.51(c), that describes how you comply with Federal grant requirements; and

(b) You may have to provide additional documentation to comply with environmental and other laws, as defined in Fish and Wildlife Service Manual 523 FW 1 (available on the internet at http://www.fws.gov/directives/523fw1.html). The Service Regional Office Grant Administrator may request preliminary evidence at the grant proposal stage that the proposed project will meet these compliance requirements. Consult with the appropriate Service Regional Office for specific applicability.

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